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Posted by | July 28, 2022
Choosing the Best Smart Home Systems for Your Family

For many people around the globe, smart home technology is becoming a part of everyday life, providing them with unprecedented control of their home functions, from appliances and utilities to...

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Posted by | June 30, 2022
Why Your Home Needs Philips Dynalite Smart Home Solution

In a short time, smart home automation has gone from a futuristic dream into a home staple, with millions of households worldwide embracing the many benefits of smart home technologies....

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Posted by | May 31, 2022
Control4 OS3 Simplicity and Functionality

Smart home automation is changing the way we live our day-to-day lives, providing us with more control, utility, entertainment and security than ever before dreamed. A myriad of tech companies...

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smart home theatre
Posted by | May 3, 2022
Which Is the Best Wireless Home Theatre System in 2022

While home theatre have been around since the 1920s, the ability to replicate the authentic cinema experience came about in the 1980s with multi-channel audio systems, VCR, Laserdisc, and DVD...

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Posted by | March 23, 2022
How to Build a Smart Home Theatre?

The Rise of home theatre technology Home theatre has been used in homes since the 1920s when 16mm projectors were available to those who could afford them. By the mid-...

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smart home theater
Posted by | February 24, 2022
Can I Build a Home Theatre in an Apartment?

Apartment living is gaining popularity as our lives become more time-poor and our urban spaces expand. Although living in an apartment has many benefits, it can present more interior design...

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smart home lighting
Posted by | January 26, 2022
The Best Smart Home Systems in 2022

Smart home technologies and IoT (internet of things) technologies are becoming more affordable and common in modern homes and properties. Current smart technologies have revolutionised the way we live, presenting...

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Smart Home Automation SMARTHOMEWORKS
Posted by | December 27, 2021
Smart Home: Threats and Countermeasures of IoT Devices

Our homes are filling up with IoT devices, and many of them are vulnerable to digital threats. We all know there are cyber security risks on computers and smartphones; however,...

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Smart Home Automation
Posted by | November 24, 2021
The Versatility of Push Control Home Automation

Imagine if you could do simple tasks around the home from the push of a button. How good would it be to close the blinds and turn up the air...

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Philips Dynalite - Smarthomeworks
Posted by | September 28, 2021
The Advantage of Philips Dynalite Control System

Every element of your home automation should offer advantages, which is why the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS recommends an industry-leading innovator such as the Philips Dynalite Control System to many of...

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