Why Is 2023 the Best Year for Smart Home Installation?

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2022 was a huge year for smart home automation, with more homeowners than ever discovering the comprehensive range of benefits that smart home installation provides, and 2023 is predicted to be the best year ever for smart home automation integration to date.

In an article from the World Economic Forum’s website featuring data from Statista, spending on IoT (internet of things) devices is forecast to reach over one-trillion dollars in 2023.

Read on to discover what smart home automation trends are expected in 2023 and why our Smart Home Works designers and integrators are industry leaders for smart home installation Sydney-wide.

Smart home robotics

Only a decade ago, home robotics still seemed like it was a utility of the future, and while the smart robotics functions we see may not be like the ones we observed in sci-fi cinema in the past, the age of smart home robotics is well and truly here.

While smart robot vacuums have become a household norm over the last few years, these devices have had a significant upgrade and can now:

  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Wash
  • Auto-empty, and
  • Self-clean

Robot vac-style technology will also be making an appearance in our gardens, with robotic lawnmowers also taking the stage in the world of smart home automation.

Other smart home robotics that you will likely see gaining popularity include:

  • Remote control mobile security cameras with built-in two-way communication
  • Robotic pet feeders and pet entertainment units
  • Children’s smart educational robots
  • Robotic assistants and much more

Safe to say, the futuristic homes we have always dreamed of are fast becoming a reality.

Save on energy bills with smart thermostats

With energy costs skyrocketing and green energy becoming a major focus in a bid to reduce excess carbon emissions, homeowners are becoming more aware of their property’s energy expenditure.

In countries with climate extremes like Australia, heating and cooling present one of the most significant energy costs to our homes, prompting smart tech designers to focus on presenting utilities that allow people to monitor their energy use more accurately.

Smart thermostats and smart energy metres are becoming a must-have in Australia. They provide critical energy-use data in real-time, allowing households to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions more effectively.

The smart lighting advantage

Smart lighting has become more affordable and accessible in the 2020s. Still, it is only recently this technology has become less of a novelty and more of an energy-saving and security device which has tech experts predicting smart lighting will see a big boost in sales in 2023.

Smart lighting conveniently allows you to control your lighting remotely and can be set up to automatically shut off when accidentally left on via smart sensors, reducing energy waste. Smart lighting also acts as a security device, allowing you to control lighting when away from home as a deterrent for would-be burglars.

Smart home security that is safe, secure and live

Over the last five decades, much of the technology that has prompted the smart IoT boom has aligned with home security.

Smart home security has revolutionised the way we secure our homes and put the power literally in the hands of the homeowner allowing remote access, control and command of all aspects of a home’s security from a remote smart device like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

2023 is set to be the biggest year ever for smart home security, seeing upgrades in utility and capability in traditional smart home technologies such as:

  • Smart cameras and recorders
  • Smart access control
  • Smart locks
  • Smart video doorbells
  • Smart alarms and more

There are also major upgrades in less obvious security devices like smart curtains and smart lighting, allowing people to remotely control elements of their home that give the illusion of occupation, optimising all aspects of home security.

Boost your WiFi router into the smart age

Traditionally, WiFi routers have not been designed with style and elegance in mind. With so many IoT devices being installed into smart home ecosystems, traditional routers are quickly becoming inept at providing the powerful signal required to network an entire property.

The new wave of smart routers will be able to provide more than adequate signal strength for all your IoT smart devices and utilities. They are also more aesthetically pleasing, prompting people to pull their smart WiFi router out of the corner cupboard and bring them out in the open where they can provide more accurate signal dispensation.

A smarter, cleaner, healthy home environment

People live longer on average than at any other time in modern western history. However, this can sometimes mean living longer with significant ailments and health conditions common in later life.

There are also more people living in urban centres, and more people often means more pollution and diminished air quality outdoors and indoors.

These factors and many others have sparked tech companies to focus more on smart health technologies, such as:

  • Smart air purifiers
  • Smart exercise utilities and robotics
  • Smart water filtration systems
  • Smart nutrition utilities
  • Smart wellness technologies and much more

2023 will be a significant year for smart wellness devices, making our homes more intuitive to our health requirements and improving our quality of life from childhood to our senior years.

Ask, command, and control with new-wave smart speakers

According to Statista and the WEF, over 130 million households globally already have one or more smart speakers integrated into their ecosystem; however, those figures are expected to increase to around 335 million in 2023.

If you are unfamiliar with what a smart speaker is, you may have heard some of the more popular voice-activated command centres mentioned in the conversation, including:

  • Sonos One
  • Google Nest and Google Home
  • Amazon’s Echo and Alexa
  • Apple Home
  • and more

Smart speakers are useful utilities that allow you to access the internet, command smart home functions, control smart audio-visual technologies, and much more.

Smart Home Works: The industry leaders for smart home installation Sydney-wide

For over 20 years, our innovative and experienced consultants, designers and smart home automation specialists have provided the most advanced solutions for smart home installation Sydney has on offer.

With over 1000 projects across NSW for private homeowners and property developers, there is no job too big, small or complex for our expert smart home automation team. If you are ready to create your dream smart home, contact our knowledgeable and helpful consultants today at (02) 8197 1133,

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