Why Every Home Can Benefit
From Becoming a Smart Home:

A Case Study: Vaucluse, Sydney.

Not all homes decide to be smart homes from the very beginning. In this case study, we will be looking at the installation of smart home systems in a stunning mansion located in Vaucluse, with to die for views of the Sydney Skyline!

SMARTHOMEWORKS were approached by clients who were halfway through the wiring before they decided to implement some smart home integration.

Luckily, this wasn’t a problem, as our team can implement a smart home solution at any point of the build process.

We can even turn a fully completed property into a smart home increasing its quality and value, as smart homes are a more attractive prospect for buyers and renters.

Let’s take a look at how we integrated a Dynalite lighting system, Antumbra panels, and Control4 System to pull it all together, inclusive of security, pool, heating, AC and more.

The finished product made our client one happy customer; they now have a luxurious & automated ease of living, with a property that instantly increased in value and stood out from the neighbouring homes.


The biggest issue the client thought they faced was the fact that the project had already half of its wiring completed.

The current electrician on the job was a little over his head in terms of automation. Having worked with us before, he suggested that the client get an actual integrator on board to help finish the project.

For the electrician on the job, SMARTHOMEWORKS was their first choice, as our documentation was beyond what anyone in the industry provides.

We calmed any worries the client had with a ‘For Construction’ document, which included complete plans, and a schedule for the remainder of their project. Allowing them the peace of mind and comfort they were looking for.

smart home automation


As mentioned, on this system, we opted for the Control4 System as the central component for their home automation.

Control4 is a popular choice and widely recommended by our team, thanks to their seamless integration, floor to ceiling. We wanted to provide the homeowner total, user-friendly control over every feature, and Control4 does precisely that.

The Control4 Home Automation System offers among other things, the following features:

  • Control of lighting (in this case a Dynalite system)
  • Alarm and CCTV checks
  • Interaction through the front door intercom
  • Control of the entertainment system
  • Thermostat adjustments
  • Pool & Spa Control
  • Complete control of your home AV systems and house music from one remote or App
smart home lighting
smart home lighting
smart home automation
smart home control system

These are the main categories this system can control; however, there are many more that can be added to the list and controlled from the convenience of any smart device.

For the project’s lighting system, we opted for Philips Dynalite. Our primary choice whenever it comes to smart lighting. Dynalite is the best value for money when it comes to lighting control, with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient inclusions. Saving our client money on utility bills well into the future.

The Dynalite range offers a selection of products including:

  • Phase & DALI dimmer controls
  • LED PWM and multipurpose controllers
  • User interfaces
  • IR sensors
  • Relay controls
  • Integration and network devices
  • Software and apps

When combined, these two systems work flawlessly together. Offering complete ease-of-use and set-up for all kinds of homes and projects.


In this particular case, SMARTHOMEWORKS were working in conjunction with an electrician who had already started wiring the project.

Luckily for all parties involved, this specific electrician had previously worked with our team.

In fact, this is the reason why we were recommended for the job, as our previous professionalism and quality spoke for itself.

Our team was able to improve the function and design aesthetics of the already-started task, to ensure the complete efficiency of the home.

The outcome meant full home system integration, which included:

  • Lighting schemes
  • Security access control
  • Air-conditioning
  • A central control unit for a range of other elements

These upgrades were made to be controlled by one platform for total ease of use. This could be done via the remote or touch screens in the home or remotely via a smart device.

smart home system

Any devices or systems that can communicate via Wi-Fi, provide homeowners with the option of securely monitoring their system onsite or anywhere else in the world.

As smart home technology is becoming more popular by the day, it is also getting cheaper. Meaning the upfront cost for the client pales in comparison with the bump in the worth of their investment and ease of living that they will enjoy every day.


As always when the SMARTHOMEWORKS team is on the job, the client was blown away!

They were particularly impressed by our planning, and ability to pick-up based on the project’s current state, without needing to backtrack or extend their timelines.

Prior to our involvement, the client had only seen rough, pencil-drawn sketches on cardboard pieces to explain their proposed system.
He didn’t have a quote estimate of how much it was going to cost, nor a blueprint of what the finished product was going to look like; it was all in the client’s head or the sparkie’s poorly drawn notes.

Our in-depth documentation and planning made all of our actions clear and understandable, which helped put the homeowners mind at ease. He now had a projected cost and project finish date, plotted with milestones and deliverables.

Further to this, the client was extremely impressed by our professionalism and customer service, as well as our in-depth expertise in regards to the above systems.

We worked closely with him to understand which solutions would best suit his needs and ensured that he was able to customise the Control4 intercom screen to his taste, inclusive of his quirks.

smart home lighting
smart home lighting

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Smart homes are the way of the future, and it’s never been easier or more cost-efficient to take advantage of the technological advancements in this area.

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