How we work

home automation

SMARTHOMEWORKS, Sydney Australia.


We specialize in cost-effective solutions for smart home automation design and delivery. Our 20 years of experience in this process has shown that prior planning and thorough documentation delivers considerable savings.

We offer the following services to you and your customers:

      •  We can present an overview, based on your plans, of systems normally considered in modern homes similar in size and scope. Either Call our design team to discuss or email us a pdf of your house.
      • We will meet with you and explain the building blocks of an integrated system.
      • We give you a rough costing to enable you and your client to make an informed decision regarding cabling requirements for now and future adaptability.
      • We then provide a full electrical design and documentation service and produce a “for Tender” document.

In these trying economic times, everyone is looking to cut costs. Our expertise lies in taking the budget for security, intercom, lighting and entertainment equipment and delivering a fully integrated and cost-effective system that is easy to use.

We also provide advice on BASIX compliance, solar power generation, energy management, and smart metering.

With the convergence of iPhone/ iPads, computers and entertainment systems, the way we control, watch and listen is changing rapidly and costs are plummeting. Most people have only basic awareness of the emerging technologies. We are conversant in the latest technological advances and can advise you on all aspects of technology for your home.

Should you wish to take the process further, we can design, supply, project-manage, install and commission your smart home automation equipment.