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Philips Dynalite

State-of-the-art Dynalite Lighting Designs

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Create a natural ambiance in your house or apartment with our smart home solutions. Set the mood in your living spaces with Dynalite lighting controls. At SMARTHOMEWORKS, we install stunning, home automation systems in Sydney households. Our designs utilise the latest industry technologies and feature spectacular visual qualities. They will dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the living spaces in your home.

Dynamic Lighting Control Systems

Dynalite Lighting provides a luxurious addition to your home. They are extremely flexible systems that can be adjusted to match your mood. You can easily regulate the colour temperature and light intensity to suit your lifestyle and interiors. They can also be set to adjust automatically throughout the day. Our systems will provide an unparalleled level of convenience and luxury in your home. They also add an extra level of security with their ultra-sensitive motion sensors.

SMARTHOMEWORKS helps reduce life’s complexities. We design all of our home automation controls to run off a single interface. Your lighting can be directly connected to your security, music or home theatre system, allowing them to work seamlessly together to create a more comfortable home environment. We custom-design our lighting controls to suit your interiors, lifestyle and budget.

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Energy efficient systems

Dynalite controls will reduce energy consumption in your home. Our extremely efficient systems will help you save significant amounts of money on electricity bills. One way SMARTHOMEWORKS helps you save energy, is by setting lights to automatically switch off when occupants leave the room or when the blinds are opened. Our control systems also ensure that every light is operating at maximum capacity for energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

A comprehensive service

Our experienced technicians provide clients with a complete installation service. We offer free, system overviews, all-inclusive quotes and customised designs. At SMARTHOMEWORKS, we can help you find a solution that will suit your budget and vision. Our team expertly installs full electrical layouts, carefully concealing cables and wires. They work alongside architects, designers and home owners to create the perfect dynalite lighting control system to suit your needs. With the utmost professionalism and workmanship, we complete jobs to the highest possible standard, consistently producing exceptional results.


Want to find out more about our smart home solutions? Give our customer service team a call on 02 8197 1122 today. We are more than happy to answer any questions about our systems or to discuss design details. You can also send us an email on design@smarthomeworks.com.au and we will try to get back to you within one working business day.